Adding Animal Overlays



Hi guys, In my story I want my character to own a dog. I realize that Episode does not have a dog overlay so I went and tried to create my own overlay and I was confused on how it said that my overlay has to be “PNG” and “Below 1MB”


You aren’t exactly suggesting a feature, are you? :slight_smile:
This means that you should save your picture in the PNG format before you try to upload it.
And that the file shouldn’t be larger than 1Mb. I hope this is clear.


There’s dog overlays…


They all are in bag? i mean it’s good if you want them in bag but if you want them with you you need your own overlay and submit it :slight_smile: . @Cydnie_C if you don’t have idea of below 1MB ( Neither Do i ) Just upload it i have never seen error for that so you can just try and see if it s or not :wink:


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