Adding animals with full customization and animations!

I honestly think we should be able to have a full section of animal character customization with animations related to it. I feel like we should all be able to choose pets from various sections, from turtle to horse, to bunny, to snakes etc! Feels like it would bring the stories to an even more realistic point instead of having immobile overlays! I had a dream about this that we were able to customize our pets, dress 'em and animate them in our stories. What yall think?


Some authors use multiple overlays to make animals look animated.
J. Miley
Jasmine Lilac
Emily Renee
just to name a few

Yeah but the time tho and the limitation :confused: i just think it would be much simplier!

We just got plus size characters.
I don’t think they’d release animals for quite a while. I know in the featured stories, the running horses, they zoom in real close where they don’t even have to move the legs. I think we need to focus on more diverse body types first (plus size is only female, and only one bodytype).

This might be a very long and painful wait but I think it would be a wonderful idea! I’d love the idea of getting to personalize our own pets. But considering the limelight Plus Size Female cost a few months to release, the pets would be much more longer since the team would need to use a whole other character format and shading.

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yeah i definitely support this. making + animating overlays is pretty hard and this would definitely help. and a long wait could be worth animals with their own relatively simple animations!!


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