Adding CC In Limelight

Is there a tutorial about this? Like if I want to almost immediately add CC then how do I do that? Also if I want the person to be able to select outfits later how do I do that? Is there a really good tutorial on this? Because if I add in CC from the start (which I basically just use a template for) then I’m not really sure how to do anything after that and apparently I"m not good at searching for tutorials on this either because any tutorial I can find just tells me how to add in CC not how to write the commands after that (like what to call the character in place of a “no name” or whatever) Any help would be great.

What do you mean?

Like if I add the option from the start of the story to allow someone to make their own character how do I refer to them in the script later. You know how if you used named characters it’s like “@Jane enters room” or whatever…but if this person is going to choose their own name what do I write in place of that? Blank? Girl? Female? Whatever? Then also, if I want to give them outfits later how do I do that if I don’t have a name to use to design the outfits. That’s what I mean.

Oh okay, so it depends on what you want to call the character. Some people use MC or YOU. I hope this helps. And, I am still trying to help you find a video for outfits.

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Here is a good tutorial.

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Thank you! I was just most confused about what to put in the “NAME” section so when I create the character I’d just write “YOU” and then it would show up like “YOUDefault” or whatever and from there I just name outfits right?

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Sorry, I am not a pro at this, you can try. Try watching the two videos I sent you, maybe there is answers for that.

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Thank you so much! The only thing I could find was how to add in CC not what to do after that LOL

Haha. Just try to search Joseph Evans, Episode Notes on Youtube. They are amazing.

If you need tutorials on how to write a story, check on Bronte. She is the goddess of Episode. (I love her!)

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