Adding characters to different zones off camera?

Hey everyone, I’m trying to have a focus on my main character in zone 1 however I want some random characters in zones 2 & 3 - anyone know how I can add them in without the camera picking it up?

@CHARACTER stands screen left/center/right in zone #
I believe :thinking:

@Alexx.lapakka you’re so helpful :grin::blue_heart:
I use spot directing for this : )

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ah yeah got it now thanks!!

I’ve managed to add them and they are now talking in zone 3, however, when I pan to them they completely stop moving like statues - anyone know how to make them keep moving during a pan?

You need to use a looping animation :slight_smile:

Thank you :heart: You too :heart: :wink:

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Thanks so much again you are a life saver!!! <3 <3

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No problem :grin: