Adding clothing items in the middle of an episode

Hi, new writer here! :wave:

So I’m currently writing my first story and I want my character to look like she’s picking up her bag and putting it on her shoulder. I know that I need to make a whole new outfit but with the bag which I’m fine with. However, the readers will get to choose the characters outfit out of three in the scene before, so how would I go about coding this? Does anyone have a template?

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You have to remember the choice.


Which outfit do you want to wear?

choice (OUTFIT)
@CHAR changes into Outfit1
} “Outfit2”{
@CHAR changes into Outfit2
} “Outfit3”{
@CHAR changes into Outfit3

Then when they want to pick up the bag, you have to create the same outfits but adding a bag to it.

if (OUTFIT is “Outfit1”){
@CHAR changes into Outfit1_bag
} elif (OUTFIT is “Outfit2”){
@CHAR changes into Outfit2_bag
} else {
@CHAR changes into Outfit3_bag


Thank you, I have just tried this but my character doesn’t change into the same outfit they had chosen, my character automatically changes into the last outfit.

This is how I’ve coded it -

if (OUTFIT is “HAYLEY_college_1”){
@HAYLEY changes into Crop top and jeans bag
} elif (OUTFIT is “HAYLEY_college_2”){
@HAYLEY changes into Grey shirt and jeans bag
} else {
@HAYLEY changes into Shorts and trainers bag

My character just changes into the last outfit. At the start of the scene the outfit that’s chosen in the previous one is remembered, but this one doesn’t seem to be working. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Thank you in advance!!

Don’t worry, I have sorted this now :slight_smile:

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