Adding customization within a choice

Hi all,
In my story, I am trying to code for the Main Love Interest CC within a choice, I have the main choice with the avatar template, but I was wondering if I would be able to link the same template within the second choice so that I would not have to copy it and paste it again or what the correct way to do this would be.


Are you trying to have two male characters customization template at once?:thinking:

It was two templates, but for the same character. It was for a dream sequence, but I ended up just putting it at the end of the option. Like both options lead to sleep, then I merged the choice branches into the customization. I would have liked to put it in each choice, but I think, with the labels and the choices, it wasn’t working properly?

Don’t add the customization within the choice, use labels instead.

Once your readers make their choice and it’s time for them to customize, goto the label you need to customize.

If you send me your script, I can help you.

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