Adding Different Body Sizes

I think maybe it’s the face with the double chins.

its by clothing, just wear the 2nd trimester shirts and the round puffy cheek

oh okay

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do you want me to show you a pic?


I bet there’s some baggy sweaters that would work GREAT for this, I’m gonna run some tests!

yeah I almost did this with my story but the 2nd trimester clothes are very limited

But I do hope that when they release the new body types that they look proportionate and realistic

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welp, it is what it is so lets make the most of it :sweat_smile::joy:

Idk if this thread needed to be bumped but bump!

I don’t think they’ll do it but I really want this to happen…the characters are so skinny and not everyone are ;-;

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Bump! :prideheart:


It’s weird when you’re trying to create realistic characters but everyone is stuck with these idealistic body types that’s don’t lend themselves to realism. Episode has made strides in adding more diversity in skin tones, hair types, hair colors, and clothing options but this is something it is lacking. I know it would be hard to add body types and needing a complete rehaul for animations and clothing and clothing options, but I think it would add something to really set Episode aside from other apps of this type.

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