Adding different cultures/religions/races to my story

Hey everyone! So I’m writing a story called Criminalized Love and I want it to be as diverse as possible meaning I want to represent different cultures, religions, races, etc.
I was wondering if any of you guys would like to give me advice or ideas in what cultures, religions,races etc. I could put in my story.
My main character is Hispanic and her love interest is Italian, I’m not Italian but I do understand and speak a little Italian, so if any of you guys could help me with the language/culture I’d really appreciate it cuz honestly I don’t really trust google translate. As for the main character she is Mexican, I’m also Mexican and I’m fluent in Spanish but the story takes place in Mexico and I’ve never been there si I could use help with that.

I also have a Haitian character but I don’t speak Haitian Creole so I could use help with that and the culture too please. I have an upcoming Asian character she is Japanese also don’t know the language/culture so also need help with that.

The reason I’m making this is because I don’t want to offend or exclude anyone in my story.

So if any you guys would like to help me with those thing I’d really appreciate it. Or even if you want to add your own culture/race/religion etc. I 'd very much appreciate it.
I’m talking about anyone whose Jewish, Arabic, Russian, German, Hindi,Muslim, Hispanic, English, Brazilian, Canadian, etc. The only thing I’m asking if you do is to give me a little lesson about your culture/language/traditions. You can also put your character details so I can add you to my story and if you’re already one of the ethnicities/race I have don’t be afraid to also put your details.
I’d also appreciate if you put your instagram so I can credit you (=
Anyway thank for reading my rant bye!


a few forums to help

I’m Canadian and a Sikh, and I don’t see too much rep tbh, so I’d love to help out :slight_smile:

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also personally I white, not religious, so not that way needed diversity, but I am autistic, so if you add an autistic character you are welcome to ask me questions,


Great, thank you!

do u wanna pm?

Sure! :blush:

Hey! I’m brazilian and can hep you if you want :relaxed: feel free to PM me any questions :blob_hearts:

Hi I’m from Spain and I also know some mexican expression and specific words that they use. I can help you if you want.

Dm on my instagram @furns.episode
Or just here if you don’t have ig

Me too, oh wow :scream:

Perhaps @_haruka might be able to help :blob_hearts:

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