Adding music and sounds


Hey everyone! Would any of you be so kind and share with me his tricks and tips on adding music and sounds to the story? :grin:
Because me and my lazy ass are too impatient to scroll down all the music and play it and put it in the script just to find out it doesn’t suit the scene that well and then start this circle all over again :sweat_smile:
I will be very grateful, this is killing me :smile:
Thanks :relaxed:


For the story I’m working on, I’m using a different piece of music for each scene. The only time I would change it twice in a scene is if things got sad or happier or romantic ect. If your too lazy to scroll down, pick a random piece and see if it fits your scene! Hope this helped a bit :heart:


Thanks for your advice, but with my luck I would pick a sappy romantic music for a punkrock concert :joy: but I will try it definitely, maybe I will be surprised :slight_smile:


I do that a lot :laughing:I just find a different one if that’s the case :heart: