Adding music to Teasers

Hi! I’ve recently finished a chapter of a story I’m writing and I was wondering how other writers are able to add music to the teasers before you move onto the next chapter to either add suspense or just a little break.
If anyone could let me know it’ll be appreciated. : )

Awesome! And I can just put it right in the Teaser box?

What do you mean teaser box? :thinking: Do you mean a scene within your story that shows a teaser or after your story chapter is over, the music still plays? :thinking:

When the chapter is over, there is music playing along with the description for the next chapter. : )

Oh OK, yeah, you’d need to add the music in at the end, without writing music off so it can still be heard when a reader finishes the chapter. Then in the next episode, you can write music off at the beginning.
This is what I would do :smile:
So, the music continuously plays (it’s looping) until you end it by writing the command for it

Thank you so much for the help!