Adding new characters

I’m trying to have two characters appear at the same time in a new scene, but they keep showing up one after the other. I’m using @CHARACTER stands DIRECTION for each character. Is there any way to make them appear at the same time?

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I think you could do something like :

@CHARACTER1 enters from left to screen center AND CHARACTER2 enters from left to screen right

These lines have to be in one line. Don’t skip lines or write the character2 on a diff line?

Or like you could put your own directing spots .

Hope this is what you meant :heart:

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Or like

@CHARACTER1 stands up screen left AND CHARACTER2 stands up screen right

Something like that and have to be on the same line

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I’ll try that out, thank you so much!:hearts:

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Welcome. If it didn’t work tell me and I will see what can I fix !

You also can use “&” instead of “@” in the beggining of a line to make actions go at the same time.
For example:
&MALE stands screen right AND MALE is talk_neutral
@FEMALE stands screen left AND FEMALE is laugh_giggle

Thanks! I’ll try it out

&CHAR stands — and CHAR2 stands —