Adding Outfits To An Existing Closet

My upcoming story is going to have a closet. Whenever the character needs to change they can go to the closet. The closet will provide a bunch of outfits and as the story progresses, more and more outfits are unlocked. So whenever they wear a new outfit, that outfit is added to their closet so they can wear it if they want. My story will also contain GEM choices where you can purchase PREMIUM outfits using GEMS! But, when someone chooses the premium outfit, I want it so that they can browse it and wear it next time they get changed. If the person doesn’t choose the premium outfit, that outfit WILL NOT appear in their closet.

Can someone provide a script template (PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT IT ISN’T IN CATEGORIES LIKE : SHORTS, DRESSES, TOPS) I just want a script template that has like “Wear Bright Eagle” and also buttons like “>>NEXT” “BACK<<” and “CONFIRM OUTFIT”.

My other question was, how will I add the premium outfit if the person chose the premium outfit because next time they have the chance to buy a premium outfit, would I have to complicate everything by having to redo the gains. so if they chose the first premium outfit that will appear again? I know this is very confusing but pls help.thanks people that are good at these things : @Dara.Amarie @Jesse @Liz

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@Apes @JemU776 maybe you guys know?
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This would be very complicated and complex coding, which probably would take me some time to figure it out how to do it, sorry but I don’t have time for this now.

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Oh ok it’s fine :heart:

Maybe @JemU776 might know!


Hi, am sure I can do it by testing it out and all that, though this would require a lot of work to do :sweat_smile:

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Thank uuuu, pls dm me on instagram @benaiah_episode is my name

@FreesmileStories might know

Then can anyone make just the template for the outfits? Cancel the premium outfit part. So just the template with the “NEXT” “CONFIRM OUTFIT” and “BACK”

@Dara.Amarie @Apes

Just create a normal dressing game and add this next to the word choice (this will automatically create pages for you)

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]

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Thank u sooo much