Adding overlay in the middle of a scene help

I need help with a overlay.
I need to know how to add a overlay in the middle of a scene please.

@RILEY spot 0.291 24 301 AND RILEY faces right

@add Moving Box to RILEY

@RILEY walks to spot 0.291 87 299 in 2 AND RILEY is walk_box_neutral_loop

(I wounder were she is at? She said she would meet me here.)
(I better call her.)

@RILEY is reach_kneel_neutral

@remove Moving box from RILEY
I want to put the moving box (witch I just names box in overlays) on the ground here.

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Also can someone tell me why it is saying I can not remove the box from Riley?

You could use the
@create overlay method
Or, add the name of the overlay in your background name.
For example
INT. CLASSROOM - DAY with BOX in zone (1,2,3,4) at layer (#)
@overlay BOX opacity 0 in 0

Just make the opacity 0 at the beginning of the scene, make it
@overlay BOX opacity 1 in 0

Once you’d like the box to be visible…As for Riley you need to be cap sensitive
@remove Moving box from RILEY

@remove Moving Box from RILEY

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Thank you so much. I will give it a try. :slight_smile:

How do I use the @create overlay method? I don’t want the box to move in. I just want it to pop up in the scene when she kneels down.

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@ overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to ( coordinates ) in zone 1,2,3 in (time)
@ overlay OVERLAYNAME scaled to (scale) in (time)

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@overlay box create
@overlay box shifts to z x y in 0
@overlay box scales to x x
@overlay box opacity 100% in 0

Just replace the x, z, y with the numbers you need the box in.

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Make sure to add a zone number as well


Thank you so much for you help
@Jadlyss @LyraKeiken and @Apes

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Where would you add zone number?

@overlay OVERLAY shifts to 100 100 in zone # in 0