Adding overlay in the middle of the scene doesn't appear both in portal and app in the scene

&zoom reset
@BITHY changes into Bithy_gown
@KOKO changes into Koko_suit
@AKHI changes into Akhi_waitress
@AKHI changes hair into Long Double Dutch Braids
&overlay 5467837466607616_TABLE SET shifts to -87 -316 in zone 1
&overlay 5467837466607616_TABLE SET scales to 2.215 2.215
&overlay 5467837466607616_TABLE SET moves to layer -1
&overlay 5467837466607616_CHAIR shifts to -67 -34 in zone 1
&overlay 5467837466607616_CHAIR scales to 1.110 1.110
&overlay 5467837466607616_CHAIR moves to layer 1
&BITHY spot 1.045 91 10 in zone 1 AND BITHY is talk_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop AND BITHY faces right AND KOKO spot 1.142 189 -42 in zone 1 AND KOKO is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear AND KOKO faces right AND AKHI spot 1.096 415 -8 in zone 1
&AKHI moves to layer 1
&KOKO moves to layer 0
&BITHY moves to layer -3
@AKHI walks to spot 1.054 231 -6 in zone 1 in 3
@AKHI moves to layer 1
AKHI (talk_armsraised_neutral)
Here are your drinks Sir and Ma’am
@overlay COFFEE create
@overlay 5467837466607616_COFFEE shifts to 2 -5 in zone 1
@overlay 5467837466607616_COFFEE scales to 0.453 0.453
@overlay 5467837466607616_COFFEE moves to layer 2
BITHY (talk_sit_reassure_happy)
Thank you !
overlays appears only when i use with coffee but i want it to appear in the middle of the scene and adding with will appear at the start of the scene

you need to add opacity, els it will be invisible.

@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0

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