Adding Personal Outfits

I think there should be a section on episode interactive where you can design and use outfits that you create and you can upload them for other people to use just like backgrounds and overlays. There are special outfits in some of the featured stories like ‘Recently Royal’ and ‘Demi Lovato’ series but I think this should be available for every writer to use.


I agree

You do realise it takes a long time to create the episode outfits to match the body dimensions of the characters. Making custom outfits is much more complicated than adding in overlays and backgrounds. First of all, the outfit has to look like the episode outfits e.g animated and the same materialised look. Secondly, they have to be coded onto the episode characters body so the clothes can move with how the character is moving e.g dance_kpop, how is anyone going to code that much for an outfit to stay on a character.adding an outfit isn’t that simple. You would have to layer so many items from the clothing to make it look like the character is wearing them. A simple dress from google wouldn’t suffice as an outfit for episode. The outfits from mean girls, Demi Lovato etc are custom made from episode, they have had time out into them to be designed, animated, coded so they can fit into the story.

sorry if I came off as rude, I’m just being realistic


I agree it would be hard but i think it could be added in the future because there probably will be people that would like to make there own outfits instead of using the same ones as everyone else. It just a suggestion for the future because I think it would be cool to be able to make your own outfits.

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yes totally support

I like the idea a lot, but you’d have to be quite talented at coding the clothes and designing them to look like episode’s. The body dimensions have to be accurate and have to move in time with ALL of the episode actions and there are so many complex actions that you’d have to code the clothes to be in rhythm with. I know I’m a dream crusher, but it’s too complicated to add them.

I like the idea, i really do, but there are some things with coding and animating that are too comple for your everyday episodian


It could be much easier for a system like this:

  1. We choose a base (ex: skirt, jeans, shorts, etc.), that’s all pre-made by Episode

  2. Add the patterns we want and icons (patterns could be ripped)

  3. Cut of any unwanted parts

  4. Episode could approve the clothing.

or something like that. Just an idea :joy:


That’s what I was thinking. Like something kinda like that.

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SI think 3 is an understatement. I mean, if the only job they have for episode is to just approve backgrounds and overlays, then maybe yes, but if they do other stuff (like answering support tickets) then I’d say there’s closer to 10 or 20.
Clothes would probably be hard to trademark unless there’s an incredibly specific design that is 100% copied.

Can I please just say that this was just a thought for the future of episode when there may be an easier way to do this but please dont start arguing and stuff. Also I get that it may be unrealistic but it may not be later because they might find an easier way to do it than some of you are suggesting.

Yes! I agree and support! Especially Limelight because it doesn’t have enough outfits and I had to work with Ink but i have no experience with it.


True smh

Like if you’re creating a sorority/fraternity shirt or something

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Depending on the style of the artist, it will look might weird because there is still no way to adjust body types of current characters.

This also is a good idea so the style stays the same. But I’m pretty sure there will be money required to make a change like this.

[spolier]When I say this, I hope I don’t come off as inhumane![/spoiler.] With a company like this, hard work is acquired. There will be a time where episode decides to make something from a feature request. But it will be additional hardwork because they’re coming out with new realistic facial features.