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Hi. I don’t know where this goes, and right now I don’t really care but feel free mods to move it because this just needs to be said.

Okay, I’ve had enough of the stupid drama going on in these forums. The art stealers who don’t credit & the pure rudeness. Some people are just rude, leaving people questioning themselves. The people who don’t give credit when something isn’t theirs is just unbelievable and now many super talented background creators have closed their drives with their work. People need to learn to be nicer. Episode is meant to be a place for us all to share our love of Episode in a community so people need to stop being so rude! You know who you are! Groups need to stop arguing over ‘clients’ like what the hell? I’ve had Episode Royalty for over a year and a half and have not had a feud over ‘clients’ so you guys need to stop and just focus on helping your ‘clients’ instead of making them feel uncomfortable because of your arguing. These forums need more positivity and some people need to learn to be nicer. That’s all I have to say, for now.

Comment what you want - hate on me or whatever. I just needed this to be said.

~ :snowflake:

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Thank you, and have a good day! :sunglasses:


Thank you!


I agree! On the old forums, none of this behavior was present and I was actually happy to look around and spend some time chatting and learning things from the forums. Now every art related thread is filled with groups fighting for clients. That’s pathetic if you’re willing to fight to grab an art scene. :woman_facepalming:


Thank God someone said it!


Nicely said


So proud of you Winter! :joy:. But seriously, when groups argue about “clients”, I get so annoyed and want to step in but I don’t want to cause more problems. It’s really childish and unprofessional. Yes, those people need to be nicer.


@linalilly10 You and your team need to read this.


Lollll, so true!! :joy::joy:


Thank you! I was scared I was going to get loads of hate… I get annoyed too and I’m most annoyed now because someone was rude to one of my closest friends for no reason!


I know, I remember stupidly I asked two people for a cover, and how rude that was of me. I can’t begin to imagine that happening to the same person by a whole group of people. :heart:


Episode Diamond wants to have fun and help authors with their stories, but its sometimes hard when people bombard us saying “Episode Diamond always gets the requests and we don’t.” It is childish and immature but we are not the victims in this. Episode Diamond is rebuilding our group and having a no fighting/arguing rule. My group just want to have fun and do request but another group comes and try to ruin us cause we do all the request all you need to do is just try harder we just want to have fun and help out the community like everyone else(not Everyone) And then try to black mail us this very very distubing and rude we just want to have fun and do request and help out the community whats bad about that.


Ahaha, how true :joy:

Also, I agree! There’s absolutely no reason for any of the drama on these forums and I know it has affected most of us. At least be civil if you can’t be nice!


I know we get that, but all this is starting because one author wants to get art done, but is just blown out of proportion. And frankly is pathetic. But I agree with you saying how you don’t mean any harm, it is just some people are a little extra. :heart:


I am not saying this doesn’t happen and this thread wasn’t aimed at only you. But there’s no point your group arguing with another over art. It is unbelievable but I understand you don’t mean to start any drama but it just escalates too far sometimes.


Your right. And Episode Diamond understands that this isnt targeted towards us :slight_smile:


I just saw a thread with one of your members being rude to other artists. Let us all be clear. No one comes for you guys because you take all the request. People come for you guys because you monopolize the request threads. All the other drama you guys have been facing has been within your own group.
Winter is right in saying that things should be calmer amongst everyone.


Organization is key guys. Every group should just make a request thread that provides examples of work and provides request forms. Then when they see someone who is looking for an art piece, each group can just link their thread and leave it at that. The client will contact you if she/he chooses you. No need to go back and forth on the client’s thread.


Preach :pray: :raised_hands:


I think I know which member you are talking about as I have often seen them be rude to artists about their work, and it’s honestly so saddening to read :confused: I make sure to leave positive feedback whenever I see the certain individual being rude - Does that make me petty? Maybe. But I highly dislike the idea of someone being so disrespectful over someone else’s work as I know it takes a lot of time and effort, regardless of whether anyone thinks it’s any good or not.