Adding Premium Choices to more than One Choice


How do you add gold choices to more than one choice? I know how to add the premium choice for one choice, but not for more than one. Is there a specific coding? If so, please tell me.

Thank you~


From what I remember you put < Premium > right before each choice


I know, but for some reason why I did that it showed up as an error.


huh that’s odd


I know right. When I tried to add on to my second choice, it said that it was an unexpected block end.


can you send me a pic of your script ?


Are you putting < PREMIUM > inside the quotation marks? It should precede them.


Yes I am doing the correct coding.


I don’t know how to do that. I can only put my script onto a Google Doc & email it to you.


just take a picture of it ??? like with your phone


It’s no problem. I don’t need help anymore.