Adding Prop Into Scene

Hey all, so I’ve been working on a bar scene, and so I want to character to have their champagne cup on the bar table. (Background is INT. BAR - DAY)

I know how to add and remove props and I know that I need to put an overlay for the cup, but I need an example of how to make that overlay (any images I could use that is similar to the episode prop) and the coding possibly…

Thank you!

So, you can download props and upload them into the overlays section.

Overlays Guide:

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you just download the picture of the prop (I did it for oyu) and than you upload it as overlay.
do you know how to work with overlays?

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Hey Farah I appreciate you helping others, that’s a kind thing to do, but it’s a repetition of what I already said :sweat_smile: (the overlays guide is linked, it can be checked out)

There are plenty of more ppl we can help, we can help people together, share different solutions but saying a repeat isn’t neccessary :smile:

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thank you! And yes I know how to work with overlays, I just couldn’t find the image for the prop :slight_smile:

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Happy to help. :grin:

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