Adding props in INK


How do I add a prop to an action? For example, holding a cup.


@add Red Cup to CHARACTER
there are alot more props you can find and to remove-
@remove Red Cup from CHARACTER


Would I put this before the action? If so, how do I do that for when someone is talking during an action?


CHARACTER (talk_netural_forward)
sorry i can’t understand you properly!


Oh sorry you mean you want it suddenly or what you can out it after action or middle of action like-
@CHARACTER is take_item_grateful
@add Red Cup to CHARACTER


Yeah, thank you so much!


So I did what you said, but the item isn’t showing up on my preview


oh really i m sorry let me try


hey try this :-
@CHARACTER is take_item_grateful
@add Red Cup to CHARACTER
@CHARACTER is drink
@CHARACTER is neutral

It works for me


I don’t know why, but it’s still not working. There’s no error, but it doesn’t show in the preview.


an easy thing you could do instead of waiting fo rpeople to respond is go on youtube and look up your problem there are alot of helpful tutorials


well see it from your mobile phone maybe it works can you send me whole script


Did any of your characters change outfits after adding the prop maybe? I had this issue recently and submitted a ticket, and it turned out that outfits override the props, so I just had to swap 2 script lines.


I’ll check it out


No, they didn’t


Maybe it’s the } before it just put a space between it, it’s weird like that


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