Adding Published Stories to the Friends' Stories list

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I have been pondering this topic for a while and now I’m in need of answers but I can’t seem to find anything. So I will ask here! (pls let me know if there is already a topic on this) :heart_decoration:

I would like to share my published story with a friend so she can proof read the unpublished chapters.
I see this can be done with unpublished stories, adding the story to the Friends’ Stories section.
When I share the ‘story share link’ or ‘story web link’ it does not follow through with the Friends’ Section shelf or bring the story to ‘edit mode’ (as it looks in the portal).

story share link example


story web link example


My question is, is there a way to share your published story with a friend so they can read the unpublished chapters on their phone/with another account? Will the story be added to the Friends’ List?

I see authors credit people for proofreading new chapters, is this from publishing early and letting the proofreader have early access or from a special link they use?

Hope this makes sense!
Thanks, wafers :blob_sun:

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From what I know they send you a link that lets you read all the unpublished chapters, and they would be able to read it as if it was their story on the episode app with out being able to make changes, I hope this makes sense :grin:

To share it with them you just have to send them the link that is at the bottom of your writing portal

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yes, I send the link at the bottom but the story only appears as published, you aren’t able to see the navigation buttons when reading the story
thank you for your response though =)

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