Adding sound (please help)

Hi! I’m trying to get my nest episode of my story out (it’s taking a lot longer than expected) but I wanna add sound to give it more flavor but like what are good sounds to add and like when should they be added? If you have any questions lemme know

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It depends on what the scene is.

For example, if it’s a funny or oops you can add a sound that would go with the scene.

It’s all about knowing when to put sound to make more alive.

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Yea I get that but I just can’t think of good times to add sound like I kinda wanna put like a warm happy type of sound for when two close friends are talking but like it’s being narrated but it’s supposed to give off a warm happy feeling I just don’t know what to do any ideas?

I suggest listening to the music/sound.

Once you find the right music/sound. You add it to your script.

If your narrator is going narrate them, then add it in the beginning while the narrator is narrating.

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Any sound u recommend?

Nope :woman_shrugging:t4:

I like listening and if the music/sound fits then it fits.

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Ok thanks

I have all of the sounds&music in the portal here. I’m not sure if this will help or not though.

A lot of the Juvie music is pretty good :3

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Hey girl, I have a few recommendations for sounds if this helps! :blush:

For suspenseful, thriller, dangerous moments, or anything related to this category I recommend:

juvie_ northphilly

For more calm out going music I recommend: (look in the juvie_ section!)


(I’m pretty sure I spelled these all correctly…) I hope this helps, because there is alot of music and sounds to even look at. :sweat_smile:

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