Adding sound to story

Besides to obvious phone calls, crowd cheering or door knocking etc, do people really need sound in an episode story, I prefer to play my stories without sound but how do you guys feel? Trying to figure out if I should add sound or not to my story

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Threads to check out: Discussion: Episode music and sound & Do you prefer music or no music?


I always forget to put sound on when I play

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I personally think music adds an extra layer to the story, but what you want to do is up to you. :slight_smile:

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Of course this up to you because it’s down to your preference and how you view your story. :relaxed:

Personally, I do like to read stories with music and sounds, it can be hard to focus when there’s nothing but absolute silence. I’ve read stories without music and sounds before and even though the plot has been great, I think with music it would have been a lot better and more detailed.

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