Adding sounds to a story

Please tell me I’m not the only person who hates adding sounds and music to scripts.

  1. I never find anything I feel fits with what I’m writing.
  2. It takes forever to search through the list and check what sounds the “best”.
  3. Okay, this one is just a preference but I play episode on silent because I’ve jumped before from random loud sounds happening. Lol

I know I need to add music and sounds to make it more compelling? Appealing?
So I guess what I’m really wondering is does anyone have any tips with adding music and sound.
Would people hate it if I decided to not add it?
I mean I’m willing to put myself in an early grave to go through all of it.
As long as everyone would prefer it.

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Personally, I don’t like music and sound in stories. If I read, I’ll read with my own soundtrack. When I begin a story & i notice i forgot to turn the volume off, I’ll hear this loud song playing, get startled and turn my sound off. I feel bad for doing this because I know the author works hard :sweat_smile: I don’t think people will hate you for not adding it. You can if you want, adding sound means there will be some readers who enjoy and appreciate you did that while other readers will not play with volume on.

The thing is everyone is different. You need to do what makes up happiest.


You’re right. It’s my story and I should be happy with what I release. Music or not. I feel like the music could be great for the story. But the options they have arent the best. Maybe if they did a major update but have they ever adding new sounds?

Can support: FEATURE: More music & FEATURE: Using own music!

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I will be doing that.

I believe most people do prefer music but ii must be well placed so it is not disturbing …if you do it it helps build up atmospere.

I have heared lot of complains about not having music or not enoug music but never ever have I heard complain about that there is too much music…therefore I think majority of people prefer stories with music.

I am actually one of them…no music is definitly not a reason to hate the storys but I would notice it is missing because I am used to it.

But I get you because on the begining of my writing I had the same…too much to choice and nothing realy fitted…now I have some which I prefer I have some which I know work for sad scenes, for action scenes, for scary scenes for funny scenes and for romance scenes and this I kinda use back and forth.

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