Adding tears to character so the character is actually crying

Okay so I’m learning how to master moving overlays. I want to add tears to the character and make it look realistic, so you can actually see the tears falling from the characters eyes. I know you have to use overlay helper, and the switch to tool scale command in order to scale, and place the tears on the character. The problem is all the extra long numbers that pop up. I know we are suppose to add the background and include with overlay. If I’m in zone 1 and I’m standing screen center what exact numbers am I suppose to put in order for it to look like the tears are falling out of the characters eyes while standing in that exact zone or actual position? I feel like I am so close to getting the hang of it but I’m missing something small, or simple. If anyone is good with advanced directing when it comes to spot directing, and moving overlays across the screen please help.


Hi @GIFTED! :blush: I’m not a master at overlays, but I’m learning as well. When you talk about the extra long numbers for the overlay helper are you referring to something like:

@overlay 4661001294708736_OVERLAY shifts to 17 189?


Where did you get the tears from? Just wondering xx

Yes that’s it I know we aren’t suppose to be using those numbers so it’s throwing me off a bit.

@Alexia_episode She has overlays effects and backgrounds and amongst them are the feature for tears to add, and include on the character.


Thank you xo

You’re welcome

Okay! I’ve never made a character cry before, so I tried to throw together a little something. :grinning: I’m not sure what tears overlay you’re using, so you’ll probably need to adjust it, but here’s what I was able to come up with. :blush:

@zoom on 158 374 to 296% in 0
@CHAR stands screen center AND CHAR moves to layer 0

@overlay TEARS create
@overlay TEARS shifts to 126 341
@overlay TEARS to layer 1
@overlay TEARS scales to 0.136 0.136
@overlay TEARS opacity 0

@overlay TEARS opacity 1 in 0.2
@overlay TEARS shifts to 126 326 in 1 THEN overlay TEARS opacity 0 in 0.2

Let me know if this helps at all. :smile:

Here are the tears I used that RudeInception found:


Thank you this is exactly what I needed :heart:

Wonderful! :blush: Glad I could help!

Happy writing! :heart:

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