Adding the delete button for stories and a "Select All" feature for the "My Outfits" List

I would love to see a delete button for stories and a “Select All” feature for the “My Outfits” list in the Writer’s Portal. I have many stories in my archive that I no longer want but can’t remove because Episode hasn’t made that a choice. I understand that the archive is there, but I can’t keep doing that all the time. The same goes for the “My Outfits” list. Of course, there’s a delete button in the menu, but on days where I have finally submitted a new edit for Thursday, I have to deal with the burden of deleting each outfit I don’t need, one by one, every time, to the point where I get tired. It is honestly frustrating. If there is any way Episode could make that process more accessible by adding a “Select All” feature for the outfit menu and a delete button for unwanted stories, I’d be so happy!


They used to have a delete button for stories. It was removed because people kept accidentally clicking it and deleting their stories. At least that’s what I remember reading.

But, you can hide your stories from your profile, and you can archive them.


When I first started using Episode, I never saw that option there, even during their early days. I can see why it was something to get rid of, but now you can really only delete a story if you haven’t written anything yet. Archiving is okay sometimes, but there are just some stories I want like gone completely, ya know?


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