Adding too much dialogue in your sentences?

I’m curious if a story is boring if you put too much detailing in a story. Because right now my characters dialogue is a whole sentence. Im not sure if i should go back and just shorten each dialogue. Kind of make it more like texting dialogue instead of actual book dialogue. If you understand what I mean and can give advice. Would be much appreciated.

Hi @stoneash9383 !!! :grin:

I believe you shouldn’t use text dialogue, as that is a TURN OFF to readers. You should make them into full sentences, not shorten them. I think the biggest part out of all this is that text dialogue is something that annoys a reader as it makes you, the author, look sloppy and lazy. So I don’t think you need to shorten it at all! :grin:

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I think the longer dialogue is fine.

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Thank you for the feedback guys! It helps a lot and I’m gonna keep going ahead with how the style of my story is going now instead of shortening it! :grin:

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That’s great to hear! :slight_smile: