Addi's Cover Contest!


Hello Guys! Addi Here! I am doing a cover contest! To enter fill out the google form down below and submit your covers on this forum! I will be choosing three winners!

Stories details!
This story is about a girl with DID ( Dissociative identity disorder, multiple personality disorder) Who has to battle living with 5 different alters! The character’s get to design her so you can use any LIMELIGHT model!

Title: 5 people living inside me

1st Place: Will be the cover of my story, Shout the first 3 episodes of my story, and a reader message crediting you!

2nd Place: Shout out the first 2 episodes of my story!

3rd Place: Shout the first episode of my story!

Contest ends: The contest ends after 15 submissions!





I will join I guess

for fun




idek but here




Entering! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


It is amazing!