Additional Plot Ideas?

I’m trying to write a story and I have a basic idea for the plot and characters, but I’m not sure what will actually happen. Basically, MC lives in a small town with her single mom. Her dad is a famous rockstar who isn’t super involved in her life because her mom didn’t want her in the spotlight. Starting in 8th grade, MC gets really badly bullied. MC won’t tell her mom what’s going on. Her mom finally decides to send her to live with her dad for the summer after 10th grade, hoping that whatever is going on will die down if she’s somewhere else for a while. Two years later, MC moves back to live with her mom so she can come to peace with everything that happened in the past.
That’s pretty much all I have right now, I’m not sure what should actually happen throughout the story. There is some romance involved but I already have ideas for the romantic storylines. The genre is drama I guess? I kind of want to throw in some kind of mystery, but I’m not sure what that would be🙈 Any ideas, or something that you would like to read in a story? Thanks💕

Some ideas would be:

  • When she is back to her old town her bullies seem to be terrified of her without her doing nothing to them
  • Her mother is acting weird, the m.c later finds out that her mother knows sm very shocking and tries to hide from the m.c.
  • M.C. finds some weird things in her yard that do not belong to her or to her mother like someone tried to hide some evidence in her yard to avoid taking the blame

Her father is in town and he brings her on tours and she starts a rockstar career as well? And after that, maybe her mum gets angry at her for it…Idk, I’m not good at this :see_no_evil:

M.C could seen that mean girls ( i thought that is a girls :D) those,whose bullied MC done something terrible to a inocent girl or guy. (She/he could almost die, or be in a coma, or somehow hurt very bad.) It can be just a terrible accident, but MC saw it, so she was terrified and didnt know what to do. So her mom send her to dad. When she cames back she could came a storenger person than she was before (she could meet new people who inspired her, tought to gain self respect, inside strenght) So mean girs saw MC and they are afraid that MC will talk true about what happened. They trie to threaten MC but shes not that bullie target anymore… MC could take advantage of situation and try manipulate mean girls… :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the awesome ideas! I really love the thought of her knowing something that the bully doesn’t want her telling anyone, and the idea of her mom being involved somehow!

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