Addressing the issue of Representation and Diversity

Sips tea Hello. I just wanted to have a talk with some of you today about an issue that has been going on the Episode and within the community. Puts tea down You see–A lot of you are not understanding or getting what diversity is and what it’s for. Let me explain to you…Ahem

Diversity - showing a great deal of variety; very different types 
 Example: "A culturally diverse population."

Do you get it now? Good! Now let me explain representation–

Representation - the description or portrayal of someone or something in a 
particular way or as being of a certain nature
 Example: "The representation of women in newspapers."

You with me? Okay. Let me talk to you about the real issue: Somehow when you address someone for their lack of diversity and representation to other people, they deem you are “going off” “overreacting” “being dramatic” or–this one makes me laugh–“harassing them.” Heh. Didn’t know correcting, telling, educating, and/or just speak on these matters means we “harassing” and “being aggressive.” Guess what? It’s not. I know there are some people that do but MOST of us do not and are mistaken to be as horrid. I don’t understand why though. It’s ridiculous that you think when we speak or talk on these problems it’s bad and we are overreacting. We aren’t. If you are not aware, POC and the LGBT+ community is not really shown or seen a lot within Episode. Nor are we represented right. Treated as objects rather than humans and have no personality what-so-ever. And for you to make an excuse by saying, “The location of the place doesn’t have many.” “It’s not important to the story.” Is wrong and disrespectful. I do not care how good the story is, the fact that you won’t represent others than yourself, the people that widely used throughout the app is ridiculous. This is sad I have to talk about this, right? Nods I know. The ignorance is crucial, I had no other choice. Sips Tea

Now, I would like to say something about some of you POC and LGBT+ community…–If you agree that we are being hostile and overreacting then you are also in the wrong as well. To even say that when we address that OUR people aren’t seen, being used as objects, etc. and we are being dramatic is terrible. Just terrible. Make all the excuses you want, it’s still wrong. If you agree and support what they said rather than us, I don’t know what to say. Shakes Head Do what you want I guess.

And before I am done, I want you to know I am not going after anyone. I’m just giving a little speech and rant. Coughs In conclusion to my statements: Diversity and Representation is important. Talking and educating on it is important and is not harassment! It matters and so do we Sips Tea And if you want to argue on this, please send me a private message and talk with me on there, not here. If you agree, go leave a like and comment on how you feel. I’ll wait…Goes to get more tea And thank you for listening, I appreciate it.




It’s a silencing tactic and I see it used on black women in particular, but it’s used on all minorities who speak out. To try and take away from the credibility of their words and the statement they’re trying to make, people will accuse them of being “angry” or “dramatic” or “making a big deal out of nothing”.


I agree with mostly everything.

But I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion. Nobody has the right to tell you you’re “wrong”

It infuriates me when people talk down on one another and speak like they’re preaching facts. We live in a society where politics is everything, both sides are at each other’s throats claiming their “opinions” are factual.

Personally, people need to realize that opinions differ.

Your message is positive but your attitude is negative.

I agree with your message but the way you’re wording comes across as very close-minded and demanding.

When you’re speaking of sensitive topics you could use words like “feel” “think” “understand” to avoid hurting anyone else’s feelings or causing an issue.

Demanding and detaching yourself doesn’t seem like the right move, especially over this form of topic.

I’ve seen you speak like this in multiple topics, one of which was taken down my mods. I’m not trying to bash you, just sharing friendly advice. You continue to speak in a way that’s demanding, “aggressive”, and like you’re attacking someone. Wording is important! I think the only time it’s okay to speak like that is in college essays :sob:


Instead of saying:
“You have to have this and that and if you don’t than you’re wrong!”

You should say:
“I feel like people should have this because it makes others feel like this and I think it’s important because of this.”

I hate drama on the forums and demanding topics like this are negative in nature.

I highly recommend rewording your rant to make it more open-minded and emotional.

Being more passionate, aware, and at the same time kind looks really good and genuine. :heart:


:clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3: Yes! Representation matters! Yes, queen! Speak your mind!


I don’t think they disagreed. They just said that you seemed too demanding, like you were shoving your opinion down people’s throats. As if your opinion was the only one that mattered. That’s not how I see it. I agree with you 100%.


Can you PM me? Thanks

Thank you My Queen. :bowing_woman:t5:

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Drama is happening already? Damn.



No one’s stopping you. It’s just that people clearly don’t know what an opinion is. Yes, diversity is needed. Definitely. But just because you posted a different opinion does not mean you should get attacked for that.


Don’t. I’m a very blunt person. If I find a problem with something, I call it like I see it.


I did have to take screenshots since you wanted to act like you didn’t say the words you did. Naw. Those receipts are staying there just in case you edit. Have a nice day.


Oh well? I’m an expert at debates. That’s why I have a 95 in my history classes.

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Anyway, here’s a real life example of what people have to go through when they bring up diversity and representation. lol. This is so funny.



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Damn, bro. I can relate.

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