Addressing the Posts About Race

Lately there have been people talking about racial equality and people have been getting equality mixed up with similar. A lot of people like to believe that all races are the same and that we should not treat them differently. Equality is the idea that no race is superior or inferior to another. But real Equality is accepting that everyone is different and that’s ok. Trying to relate to a struggle from another race or saying that “why does it have to be white or black” is ignoring a race and ultimately harmful. We are all different and equality is accepting that we do things differently. Most white women do different things that women who are darker because they are different. And the same goes for other races. I believe that it is good to learn about how other races do things so that way you won’t offend someone when they talk about something they do and expect the other race to have it the same way.

We Are Different But Equal

Don’t Pretend Race Doesn’t Exist

Learn About Other Races and Their Customs

I no longer wanna be a part of a community that refuses to accept that everyone is different.
And when a topic is directly for a specific people it is harmful to put your own experience in when you do not belong to that group. It’s like telling a white person to do specific things that are meant for african american features and same vice versa. Just listen and learn what they do for their features and grow.
Don’t ask why a black person doesn’t wash their hair everyday and don’t tell a white person to put a lot of product in their hair when their hair shows oil easier


I loved this!!


You wrote that really gracefully and I read it in a calm tone which made me happy. Thank you for posting it!


I agree with you 100%!!

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