Adjusting Height of Limelight males

Hi, recently I started making a story with Limelight, BEFORE DISASTER STRUCK!!

All the male’s I add, are all significantly smaller than both my MC and all of the other females in the story!

I’ve tired to use ‘@BELAMY spot 1.300 100 0’ when writing, but nothing seems to be happening! :slightly_frowning_face:

Am I doing it wrong? Or is my story somehow glitched to never make males any larger? It would be such a shame if I have to end up scrapping my soon-to-be-published tale I’ve worked so hard on, but it’s getting increasingly frustrating as I cannot find anyway’s to fix this error.

Does anyone have any help they can lend? It would be much appreciated.

If you use spot direction, you cannot use CHAR enters from side to position or CHAR stands position because those are only for default sizes. If you spot a character to change their scale size, you’ll have to keep using spot direction each time you place them or make them walk.

Thanks, that makes sense!

Did everything work out?

I actually used char enters to spot, it seemed to work… Heck. :sweat_smile:

Yes that’s a valid working command. Don’t see what it has to do with the my reply though?

I kinda used this by accident:

@WENDY enters from left to spot 0.190 295 9 (random tyoed in spot but actually id happen) and she did but it Wasn’t what wanted, so. XD