Admin appreciation day

I like to say that a lot of admin works so hard some of us don’t even know them they have worked so hard they never sleep not even for 1 day I want to show the admin that we appreciate them not just @Sydney_H and @Jeremy theres more than them as a admin we have a lot of admins here some of them our not even appreciated so I made this thread I hope everyone come to this thread and show the admins that we care I would give them tons of money but I’m broke

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Hello @Epy.sister.hood! Thanks for the appreciation! It’s our pleasure to help all of you on here. :wink:

Also, quick note: moved this to General Chat instead of just Community since it’s not related to Episode stories. :wink:

Thanks again and keep on creating! :sunglasses:


The admins and moderators are awesome and definitely under-appreciated.
@Liz @Trinady Thank you for the work you do.

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