Adri's Story Reviews 📚 [TEMPORARILY CLOSED]

I am organizing a Review Session! I’ll be taking 8 requests at a time. I’ll be taking 20 requests in total. Then this thread will be closed :shushing_face:


  • Only ONE story will be reviewed, per author.
  • More than five episodes won’t be reviewed.
  • Do not rush me!
  • My reviews will be based on certain criteria, which have been mentioned below.
  • If you find the waiting list full, please do not fill out the form. I can tag you when it is open again.
  • Both published and unpublished stories will be reviewed.


  • Title:
  • Genre:
  • Description:
  • Link:
  • No. of Chapters you want me to read:
  • Small Cover:

Waiting List:

:open_book: - In review
:bookmark_tabs: - Yet to be reviewed
:books: - Reviewed
:blue_book: - Spot closed

  1. @/v.h_episode - Earthbound :books:
  2. @/HazelJ - Ghost of Terror :books:
  3. @/piyi - Robin’s Blood :books:
  4. @/Clarissa.episode123 - Secrets are Deadly :books:
  5. @/Bellaex -Can’t Let Go :books:
  6. @Whatever1 - O Son Where Art Thou :open_book:
  7. @julan - Wild Amor :bookmark_tabs:
  8. @chelsea121 - Inevitable Fate :bookmark_tabs:
  9. @Elemental - Elemental :bookmark_tabs:
  10. @/KanaMoon - Incognito :books:
  11. @Didiwrites_episode - Game On :bookmark_tabs:
  12. @kinsleyepisode - The Day the Sun died :bookmark_tabs:
  13. @shiv.episode - The Hydra Spell :bookmark_tabs:


  1. Direction (/20)
  • Spot Direction (/5)
  • Dialogues (/5)
  • Animations (/5)
  • Zooms (/5)
  1. Plot (/10)

  2. Character Development (/10)

  3. Grammar (/5)

  4. Extras (/5)

  • Ending of Chapters (/2)
  • Cover (/2)
  • Uniqueness of plot (/1)
  1. Overall thoughts (/50)

Hi, I’d like to request a review.

  • Title: Earthbound
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Description: After being sent down to Earth to fulfill their duties, two conflicting beings, an angel and a demon have to face the secrets left behind there. Never knowing what comes next…
  • Link: Episode Writer Portal
  • No. of Chapters: 4
  • Small Cover:

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Hey, I won’t do more than 3 ch.

I know, but since you already said that in the rules, I thought you were asking for how many episodes the story generally has.

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Alright, but I’ll do 3.

Do you review horror stories? Just asking before I send a request.

I will.

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  • Title: Ghost of Terror
  • Genre: Horror
  • Description: Four boys travel to a town called Terror. What happens when they can no longer distinguish between reality & illusion?
  • Link: Episode Writer Portal
  • No. of Chapters you want me to read: 3
  • Small Cover:

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@v.h_episode @HazelJ


I’ve increased the no. of ch to 5; do you want more chapters reviewed?

I’d like all 4 episodes then.

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4 episodes.

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Hey, i want a review, but i didn’t understand something, will you not read stories with more than 5 chapters or you will just read 5 chapters regarding or how long the story is?

I would review upto 5ch

  • Title: Robin’s blood
  • Genre: mystery
  • Description: Your dream makes you investigate your country’s weird phenomena but you get in trouble with the governor. You love challenges and he is one by himself, can you handle the upcoming?
  • Link: Episode Writer Portal
  • No. of Chapters you want me to read: idk maybe 4, if you dont like the story you can read only 1 chapter. I just want a honest review that will help me improve :butterfly:
  • Small Cover:


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Title: Secrets are Deadly
Genre: Mystery
Description: Cassandra is a girl with normal life, that is until the people she love are dead . Now it’s her duty to find the secrets behind their death. Just remember, secrets are deadly.
Link: Episode Writer Portal
No. of chapter: 3

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Title: Can’t Let Go
Genre: Drama
Summary: You’re stuck in an unhealthy relationship, and it’s hard for you to let go. Will you gain the courage to stand your ground? Or continue to let their words control you?
No. of chapters I’d like you to read: 5

Small cover:

Thanks for this :slight_smile:

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