Ads on homepage of the app

Okay so idk if it’s only me and like this is a really weird question🤣, but does anyone else have ads showing up on the bottom of their homepage on the app? I’ll try and put a picture.


Nope. No adds for me.

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No ads for me!

:frowning:I’m so confused on why I have it then

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Hmmm that is strange :thinking: I don’t have ads.

No not really unless I didn’t notice.

Yeah, I’ve got it as well. Made a topic about it too, because it shows in the previewer and stories as well… Really annoying.

Ok, so… have I been sleeping under a rock and missed this feature or is this new? Because this really threw me of. It can be viewed in the previewer as well, so I am truly hoping that this is just a bug or something. Because this is really annoying. Do you guys have this as well?? 😵‍💫


What device are you using? Ads only show up for me when i’m on my ipad

My iphone, so it’s especially annoying since my screen is already pretty small. :confounded:

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bleck :face_vomiting::face_vomiting: i hope that’s not a permanent thing bc that’s got to ruin reading :grimacing:


Totally, and it also makes it more difficult to test out your story since you can’t see the bottom of the screen. I’m worried that it’s not going away,.

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same… if we have to pay for everything to be ad free :rage:😮‍💨


That would be really unfair, since it affects pretty much everything from your reading experience to your own coding and storytelling. I can handle watching a few ads now and then, but this would take down everyone’s experience of the app.


Wtf?! This better be temporary! Istg this app is testing my patience :skull:



Wouldn’t want to be in your shoes! I suggest you send a ticket ASAP with these screenshots attached :skull_and_crossbones:

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Yeah same, it’s becoming just like the gem choices - forcing us to make a choice (ad-free) that’s expensive - if this will be the new Episode feature :confounded::weary: Geez

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I’ll try, but I’m fearing that they’ll say it’s something they’re testing out…

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It’s good to know that it’s not only me that it’s happening too. Cause it popped up like 2 days ago so I’m wondering if it’s just us who have iPhones. I have already sent a ticket but they just told me to reset my device and so I had to send another one.