Ads on homepage of the app

They just told me it’s their new banner ads and they can’t remove them from the app but they are collecting feedback😑

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Told me the same, I’m fuming. This is outragous :rage: Why can’t they just let us enjoy the app and not make it about money all the time? It’s like a punishment for not being able to pay and that’s not fair. I sure hope this is temporary, but it’s probably not. At least not according to Episode’s way of reasoning nowadays. Better to go for money than readers’ happiness right?


Do you think it could be those without a subscription getting the ads?

Most likely. We already have to watch ads before reading a chapter (which I’m fine with), so we’ll probably be the ones cursed with the ad banners.

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Bumping for the audacity


I honestly don’t mind the ads before the chapters either but they shouldn’t keep advertising while we are reading. Because in my opinion that takes away from the hard work of the authors of stories because they put all of their time and effort in (and trust me I know how hard it is myself) just for these ads to be there distracting people from having their focus on reading.


I don’t mind ads either, but on the main screen though, really? Can just one screen be ad free?


Exactly, they’ll ruin both for the readers and the coders/writers. I really hate it when they punish us who can’t afford their subscription fee to be ad-free.

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Yes I feel like it’s very unfair and that if they don’t fix it soon that they might lose a lot of users.

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(Story: Power of Persuasion by @_i.a.episode)

Nope, I have them. They’re annoying

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Is it new? I never saw that before

Pretty Recent for me

As a person that suffers from ADHD and is in the process of getting an OCD diagnosis, this is upsetting. I get it; they want people to get the VIP, but they’ve crossed a line. Now they’re damaging their own app and hurting their own community.



I have ads at the bottom of the home page. My guess is its a phone thing. I own an iPhone and I have ads. I think there aren’t ads for Android users.

Eh… I have obsessive compulsive disroder (OCD) And suffer with tics, and i tend to tap the bottom of the screen a certain amount of times during a ritual or stim, usually it isnt an issue cause nothings there, but now it is. :confused:

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No, I thought that kind of ads are on really cheap apps only :thinking:

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Bump because eww, it’s actually infuriating that they would go this far, and I’m still mad abt it!! We get redirected enough sitting through two minute ads before every chapter; not about to sit pretty while this feature is in development.

So yeah, anyway, daily reminder that this is bad the place, y’all!!