Adult Section of Episode

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t seen the massive uproar in the episode community about the new featured story.

I thought this would a great time to reach out to the community and present an idea about the guidelines and so on.

Here is an organized list of my thoughts. Continue the thread with some of your ideas and thoughts.

Age Appropriate Content

A huge amount of stories are getting removed left and right for sexual content. This includes Sex scenes, sexual implication, and sexual narration. So on.

Personally, as an adult, I don’t think anything’s wrong with it. Of course it breaks the guidelines however. People express their creativity in certain ways or at times they feel scenes are necessary when portraying a character, their emotion, or their overall build.

So I have an idea!

Look at old YouTube for example, when you signed up you were asked to give your birthdate to confirm your age. If you were a minor you were denied permission to watch age restricted content.

what if…
Episode implemented this. To see certain stories you’d have to have an account in which you enter your date of birth. If you’re old enough, you can see certain stories and read them. And if that’s too complex, maybe add an option when they first open the app after installing to put in their birthdate. Or, before they read a story an option can pop up, “Are you 18 years or older?”.

Therefore, it’s their discretion. If a minor lies about their age, that’s not episode or the writers problem. The option is like a contract of sorts. So nobody will get in trouble.

And episode could always add an adult shelf or something? I don’t know but I really like the whole age restricted option. I think writers and readers will really enjoy this.


That’s my idea!

I realize that some of you might think stories don’t need sexual content to successfully portray itself. And I understand. But that’s for the writers to decide. You don’t know their plans for the story and what they feel is necessary for them to express their ideas. Sex scenes can be more than just naughty steam filled scenes to get you excited. I mean, here I am; defending it and I’m Asexual! Lol.

Please leave any ideas you have or opinions on my idea.

Also, let’s hope episode can see this and consider our opinions.



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