Adult Themes without Adult Material Onscreen (like The Big Oh?)

The title pretty much says it all. If you’ve read The Big Oh? or other community stories that are about adult themes, but are themselves not against guidelines because they fade to black, I want to know about them. Drop them here!


I love the big oh :yum:


Haven’t read them right through but Under You and Not a Saint

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I actually like them! I never read TBO, but I did read Under You and Not A Saint.

Weirdly enough, these kinds of stories are usually made in high quality (maybe because the author has a whole library of smut about the characters in Patreon or something :joy:) and I find them enjoyable.
And none of them are interesting to read because of the adult themes. Maybe more matured themes just appeal to me more?


I hadn’t realized, that I’m actually reading “under you” right now and oh wow it’s a hot and a good story :yum: :two_hearts: I’m in episode 4

Lustful manipulation by Vienna Hale
You vs Theme by JasmineLilac
Office Shenanigans by Ana

Pretty sure those fit what you’re after but I could be mistaken

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