Adults/Grown up stories recommendations?



My new story called “Why me?” by Miss. JD.
It’s about a girl who is in her 20’s who has had a hard life and because of an unfortunate accident she gets stuck in the mafia world.


Title- Hidden Behind Lies…
Authors Name- Chy.Dillon
Genre- Action/Romance…
Description- What happens when your dad has a past and it finally catches up to you? Nothing is what it seems….

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You can read my story! Just published in LL :star2:

Title: Toxic mind Limelight
Author: KM
Genre: Thriller
Description: You never know what happens behind closed doors. Ally lives in fear for her fiance, but when an accident hit her, her life flips around. Will HE save her? CC

Have this in ink too if you like it and have more eps out.




Thank you for all the recommendations, if you have anymore, post them.

@AnnieAEpisode & @Days
I couldn’t find dentenu, the game and the pact. Can you post the author of those stories?


Detunu is by J Miley

THE PACT is by lovesuperstarr and there is another story called The Pact by Kaytee!

Would love to know your thoughts about my story if you get to it someday as well :sparkling_heart:


Thriller: Detenu is by @J.Miley
The Pact is by Kaytee
Thriller: The Game is by Amber J.


Here is mine of you would like to read it.

Story: Spa Rebound
Author: Paula_r.o.
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Chapters: 12 (ongoing)
Description: Andy is a masseuse with a dream to open her own Spa Resort. But her new business partner turns out to be quite a challenge. Will he be able to resist her or will he become her worst nightmare?



Another recommendation for you:

  • Sophisticated and Deceived by Briana M (@briana_m)


Title: The #MeMeMe Generation
Author: Lissia A.
Genre: Drama/Action
Style: Ink
Description: When heartbroken Arlene finds out about being fatally ill meanwhile her criminal lover sabotages her, she decides to take her life under control by breaking the law.


THE MEMEME GENERATION (big cover).png966x642 235 KB


You could check out mine, my characters are young adults, but it takes place in the past so more mature than today’s young adults lol. It deals with mature themes like war and disease and such.
Title: From Riches to Rags
Author: ErinH
Story Description: Secrets, an arranged marriage, and a death sentence result in Elizabeth running from a kingdom fraught with war while a mysterious pirate repeatedly crosses her path.

New Cover:

Current Cover


Thank you so much for recommending my story! I appreciate :slight_smile:


Title: Awoken Nightmares
Style: Ink
Description: An epic tale of good vs evil. One girl embarks on a journey that she never saw coming, to unlock the ultimate power within.
Genre: Dark Fantasy
3 Episodes (Ongoing)


You can read my story if you want!
Name: The fragments of the past

Author: Kate B

Instagram name: kateb_episode

Description: Gang life is dangerous and after a tragedy Lily is not the same, will she ever believe in love again?

Chapters: 3

Genre: Action/ romance

Style: Ink



Thank you for all the suggestions! More are welcomed!


Hi @WinterRose
I can recommend you my story :slight_smile:

Title: Good Morning Stockholm!
Author: Elysium
Genre: Thriller/Drama andd a bit of romance :wink:

The story is about Ellie. Who seemed to be a normal girl. But a hold up happened and Ellie got kidnapped. During her captivity she will discover some secrets about her familly’s past. Whats gonna happen next ? You’ll discover it on The link below:

Tell me what you think about it! :smiley:


My story is based on a 21 year olds life.

Title: TATYA: Professor Fever
Author: Giselle C.
Genre: Drama
Style: INK
Story Description: Tatyas life has been a series of unfortunate events. The only thing keeping her going is her love for law. Will the new hot prof keep her from achieving her goal?
Instagram: @gisellepisode
Small Cover:




As a young writer, you find inspiration in an unexpected place. But is the firefighter you wrote about really just a figment of your imagination? When your book becomes a movie, you’ll have to choose: lie or risk losing everything! CC, INK.

This story has two layers, some drama, a lot of romance and humor to keep it balanced.


My story is about a 24-year-old nurse :slight_smile: Mature themes and strong language :smiley:

Title: Caring for Life
Author: Storyteller
Instagram: storyteller.episode
Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 5 published and more to come
Description: Sherrie is excited to start her first real job as a registered nurse. The colleagues seem nice, but one doctor in particular seems to be more than that… But is he off limits?


Hey you might like this!
Author: Miss. JD
Title: What Did I Do?
Genre: Romance, Drama, Action
Style: Ink
Episodes 10 (and more to come)
Danger. Passion. Love.
Dani hasn’t had an easy life and it turns upside when an unfortunate accident causes her to get caught up in the mafia world with a mafia leader. Will she be able to survive this life or will she be stuck watching her life slip away? Drama, action, romance


I’m the one who wrote The Pact, (Well, one of them!)
It’s in the Editor’s Picks shelf, and I also have a link in my Instagram bio (@/kayteexcreates)
Thank you to everyone who recommended The Pact, it means the world, man :sob::sob: