Advance coder required for my new story

Hello people !!
I have started writing a new episode story so if anyone would like to help code please message here.
Its a romance/drama story!


Sure, PM me and we can start discussing about it

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I also do coding scenes for people but those are commissioned, but there are some tips I have for new coders


hello guys i have a story script for my frist chapter could someone turn it in to code for me ??

ep; 1 - the staring

grave yard
theres much about my life that not many people know

people say fairy tales never come true but have you herd my story, i bet i can make you change your mind.

fade in*

cathrynn at home - make sure home is trashy*
jumps to closet
a bunch of different outfits - all cost 25 but 1

ware are you going?

i have school or do you want to go to court again because i missed to much school.
} fine just go, know messing around -
} bring me some smokes
} bring it on

if they pick (bring it on)
mom im not doing that again sorry im leaving

if they pick {fine just go, know messing around}
what do you think im going to do im not you mom, i dont get pregnant every time i leave the house.
if they pick { fine bring me some smokes}
i’ll start lieing and buying you smokes when you start acting like a real mom and take care of me for once

gose to school
pause – naratore
mom has never been good to me but it has gotten worse since the accident

fades in to school lockers
opens locker and gets books *

do you even own a dress or anything better that a boys old shirt
oh wait i forgot you dont have any money to get anything elase do you?

nice to see you to CUS… oh wait its not

im not your cousin, your dad was my dads brother thats it i dont even no you and you no what my daddy doesn’t even think your his family.

i never asked you for anything and trust me i don’t want to be seen with you, it hurts my rep

what rep being a poor man girl that doesn’t no how to dress or talk to others ohh please. you would be honored to stand with me

the only thing ill get from talking to you is a bunch of pride and greed and over confedents oh ya and a daddy’s girl.

** cathrynn turns around and shuts her locker **

well at least i have a dad, your dad hated you so much he died

( she did not just say that)
} punch her in the face punch in face 25 gems
}poor your coffee on her ** 15** gems
}walk away

punch{ sara passes out… she goes to principals}
poor coffee on her { her shirt gets all gross and mudie}
walk away {gose it class}

to be continued

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