Advance coder who is available?

There is a group I’m in and we need an advance coder! So if your in just say it and I will be talking to the creator of the group!

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hey…I can help

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Sure! Are you an advanced coder?


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What do you mean by advanced ?
I mean which kind of help you need

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Thank you for creating this thread :heart: hope we will get any sooonn!

Advanced coding means tough, like someone who is experienced in it a lot and like creating scenes with many characters, proper direction, overlays, adjusting, opacity, etc… like these

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I cant help with art scene but I can help with others

the art scene will be the other member but you or maybe someone else will have to put the art scene in the script you wont have to draw it!


So your in or not?

You tell?!
I can help with coding, outfits, direction and overlays and all


She form the group so shes the one choosing!

Uhh I’m not sure that much… Can you like share some coding of yours, just to check once…

please wait

I just saw that you already applied to be a designer on the group!