Advance script . plase help me make a bag fall on the side

I have this overlay. and I need to fall it on the side but I can’t make it do it properly

this is the script I have

@zoom reset
@JANE enters from left to screen right
&pan to zone 2 in 2
@JANE walks to spot 1.280 205 -7 in zone 2 in 2
@overlay BLACK BAG create
@overlay BLACK BAG shifts to 121 152 in zone 2
@overlay BLACK BAG scales to 0.184 0.184 in zone 2
&overlay BLACK BAG opacity 1 in 0
@overlay BLACK BAG moves to layer 1
@JANE moves to layer 2
JANE (idle_rear)
Sleep I need sleep

@JANE changes into JANE_default
@JANE exits right
@zoom on 543 215 to 188% in 2
&overlay BLACK BAG shifts to 208 223 in zone 2 using easeout
&overlay BLACK BAG scales to 0.184 0.184 in zone 2
@overlay BLACK BAG rotates 90 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 1

this is the overlay !

I’m assuming the bag is moving when it’s rotated? If so, once it has rotated, move it to where you want it then copy the shift spots and replace with what you have already. Should work. Rotating takes lots of practice :grin:

I have fix that. i just cant make it fall properly . it looks wrong

Try having it fall straight down then rotate when it hits the floor :thinking: I think that might look more realistic. Or have it falling quicker :blush:

its not suppouse to hit the flor but fall over. and land on the back

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