Advanced body features

please make body types because all the bodies are the same and i feel it needs more editing /improvements plus you can use that to attract people because other apps don’t/won’t have this feature and make maybe ripped arms or limbless bodies

there are already threads requesting this

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so should i delete this one ?

They said they will never achieve body types in INK and that it would be easier in LIMELIGHT so that’s one more reason they stopped working on it, but it’s been more than one year and nothing :full_moon_with_face:

just remember new body types will mean not been able to use most clothes


but they can’t make body types and not think of making different sized clothing

happy new year to you too :tada:

:open_mouth: :disappointed_relieved: :cry:

Duplicate topic closed. Please refer to original: FEATURE: More Body Shapes

Also, please review our Feature Request Guidelines before creating more request threads.

Thanks :slight_smile: