Advanced choices, please help me!

Hi! I am very familiar with coding simple choices, but I am trying something new and I would love if someone would be able to help me out with more advanced choices! :grin:

At the end of my chapter, I want to offer a questions slide. The choices will have questions on them that the reader may want to be answered. Ex: When will my next story be out? or a question about the plot.

When they click the question, I want the narrator to answer it, and then after the question is answered, I want another choice to appear, asking if they have any more questions: yes/no.

If they select yes, I want it to bring them back to the original page with all the questions, and I know to use the goto label. If they select no, Iā€™m just gonna put a thanks for reading scene.

I am getting some errors while coding this, and at this point, Iā€™m just lost.
If anyone could help I would. really appreciate it!! :revolving_hearts:

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Thank youuuu! I am going to use this!