Advanced Coder/Co Author

The title explains it all :sparkles:

If you are an advanced coder and would consider co-writing/directing a CLASSIC story with me, then please reply below this post :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Plot: to be determined
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 3-5 episode (estimated)

(When I say advanced coder, I mean being able to implement very impactful choices, and different endings, etc.)

I don’t think you’ll find many people offer to help since people who loved classic style have all either left the platform or moved on with INK or LL. Your best chance is to either do it yourself or pick a different character style to write in (:

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I dont have time, beside I have my own stories, but I would recomand to mention what the plot is or at least what genre,

because I myself would wanna know what I sign up for, if even are interested in getting my name on the story. if I where to put a lot of time and work into a story it should be at least one I like.

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Yeah, I’ve figured that out :sweat_smile:
I’m already writing a story in INK, but I figured it would be nice for me to have a story in all 3 styles just so I can have the experience.

I’m going to write the story anyway, it would just be helpful if I had someone who could do some more advanced directing.

Idk if many read classic anymore since they’re very hard to find on the app so personally, I would focus on writing it in just LL & INK. It’ll save u time and patience (:

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I actually haven’t formed a solid plot yet, it’s just that if anyone would be interested they can first say that they are, and we would go from there.

I thought you where looking for a coder, not a story maker?, a coder is not suppouse to make the story they code it.

Thank you for the advice :kissing_cat:
Yeah, I get that there aren’t too many Classic stories, but if mine can be one of the few that are there then why not :woman_shrugging:t3:

I’m also trying to get into reading more Classic stories such as Bad Boy Bachelor, so this helps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I am looking for a coder.
I don’t need them to make the story for me, and I will do most of the coding, it’s just that I want someone who can do more advanced stuff compared to me (such as points for an ending, complicated animated overlays, etc.)

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What @line123462 is saying is you need a plot before you can get a coder. At least leave the genre. Many (pretty much all) coder won’t join a project before they know what’s happening with the story.


The reason I didn’t include any extra details is because I mentioned that it would be in CLASSIC, and I know I probably won’t get any volunteers due to that, but if anyone was interested, I just anted them to be willing to work in CLASSIC first.

I’ll add it now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ugh if my life wasn’t so busy right now I’d love to help :slightly_frowning_face: Classic is my absolute favorite style so if you get this story published I’d love to read it!! :revolving_hearts:

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Aww, thanks :kissing_cat: :pleading_face:
If you are ever less busy and still interested, then consider PMing me, as I’m currently working on an INK story, and I won’t be doing any major work on my CLASSIC story until I publish the first 3 chapters. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Do you have any CLASSIC reccomenations? I’d love to read them!

Yeah I’ll definitely keep you in mind! :blush:

Heres some of my favorite classic stories! The black check marks are completed stories, the red x’s are incomplete :revolving_hearts:

•drama queer - CLASSIC Frank :x:
•enslaved - CLASSIC Mary Galvan :heavy_check_mark:
•out of time - ALL alvar m✔️
•party girls - CLASSIC Rachel Maude✔️
•party girls rehab - CLASSIC Rachel Maude :x:
Pregnant by my twins students gang leader dad - ALL j Miley✔️
•Quarantined - CLASSIC Hannah d✔️
•Reality roommates - CLASSIC breanna korff❌
•strange education of Chloe - blenda Cuban✔️ (think it’s classic? I can’t access the story anymore)
•stranded at sea - CLASSIC cass Phillips✔️
•The teacher - CLASSIC mette m peleikis✔️
•Until death do us part - CLASSIC Angie✔️
•ugly class from fug to fab - CLASSIC Rachel Maude :x:
•all of Joseph Evans Classic stories
•campus crush - CLASSIC thom and melissa

And of course, I’ll recommend my own Classic story, Romance Island :blush:

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I need an advanced coder to help me with my story I already wrote the script for my story and all I need now is a coder that’s really good and that can help me asap! please contact me through Instagram @sal_episode. if interested its romance and drama!!