Advanced Coder, PRONTO!

I am in a section of my story that I want to get real fancy with but I lack skills so I am searching for someone who can help with that please.

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:woman_facepalming: silly me, sorry, thanks again Sydney lol

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No worries, there’s a lot of overlap in here. :grin:

What do you need help with?

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Thanks for replying…

This is my vision, I am doing a Tv dating show, I have 6 contestants and the woman looking for love is hidden, I want a reader to play one of the contestants, each round is a game, so first round they each have a talent to show off, the bottom 3 that bores her is eliminated, then round 2 they all are given 3 multiple choice questions which have points from 5.3 and 1, the 3 with the least amount of points is eliminated from the round, then finally the last round, it’s time for the reveal, this round after seeing her for the first time, they each must describe the ideal date with her, whoever she decides has the best answer will win that round and then based on the overall score, they will “Steal her Heart”. The difference with this dating show is the MC is a plus size girl and the point of this show is not making it about looks that win a heart.

Now I know of the if/elif/else code and I know of the q&a script template but it’s putting it all together to make it flow that I struggle with, I have a friend who will do my overlays, that I will then make them tappable.

Sounds interesting. Would you like me to help you here, through dms, or Google Docs, etc?

EDIT: There’s 6 contestants - 3 are eliminated in round 1 and 3 are eliminated in round 2. How many are left in the final round?

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Oh oops haha I meant 2 are eliminated each round haha my bad. I am happy with dms

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