Advanced Coders, Help Me!

I need help!

So, there’s a scene in the chapter where two guys are talking while people are moving around them. But when I preview the script, the two guys are always waiting until other people have left to talk. I want them to talk WHILE people are moving, not AFTER. I put @ symbols for it, but if I change it to the & symbol, it will show an error.

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

You could try coding AND on the same line and combining it.

Could you show me an example?

so it would be
Should I talk to the dark one?
& AYAME exits right instead of @ AYAME exits right

I’m not sure if that would work but :woman_shrugging:

Didn’t work…

Sorry, it was just a guess, but I know @Apes is very helpful with coding. Hopefully, she can help.

@Apes Read the topic please! Can you help?

good luck

I don’t have my computer, but perhaps the & sign isn’t working when you use the “exit” and “enter” command.

You might want to spot direct them: have them walk OFF-SCREEN instead, NOT use any exit/enter commands.

&CAMILA walks to spot #spot number here## AND ELI walks to spot ##spot no. here##
LOGAN (talk_flirt_coy)
Who should I talk to?

Mk, so turns out there IS no error with the & sign.

Sorry for wasting all of your time. :disappointed_relieved:

Someone call an admin to close the chat. ;-;