Advanced coding 12 mins episode

I am wondering does anyone know how many lines a 12 minutes episode would be but with advanced directing? I have written 1500 lines with advanced coding with limited customisation and it is 3-4 mins only…


Advanced directing can take a lot of lines but it doesn’t contribute to length. Usually advanced directing scenes are not very long. So you need to run through everything wondering if you need a certain scene or not. Is there anything to add that make scenes make more sense. Like I had a date scene therefore I needed a scene where my LI was asking my MC on a date. But do not push random scenes to get a good length. Ask a proofreader what they would add to make it flow better.


Agreed! Sometimes you can have a lot of advanced directing which depending on how you wrote it in your script, it can take up a lot of lines, meanwhile your story can be only 5 minutes.


To add onto what they’ve said there, customization also takes up a good chunk of lines, even if limited. It typucally takes anywhere from 500-2000 lines. With advanced directing (i.e. speechbubbles, zooms, spotting, crowd scenes, branching, etc.), I’d say your aimed line count would be about 2.5k-3k? If you’ve got customization, bump that up about 500-2000 lines (depending on whether it’s full or not). This isn’t an exact number, but it’s a guesstimate :).


Thank you!!

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Thank you!


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