Advanced coding searching for guides

I want to learn advanced coding, im already reading episode guides, dara amarie guides and joseph evans guids. Any other that would help? Or someone who is willing to teach me? Also where i could find art resources because episode library isnt very full lol

There are many guides on here but it depends what you are looking for. I find the “advanced directing” term too vague. Like I have seen people count things in that seem simple so what exactly are you looking for and then I can recommend tutorials?

Fast scenes with advanced zooms, making backgrounds with many backgrounds characters

Overlays that quickly changes size. An exemple of directings i would like to do is the ones from begin in Lost in New York story.

Honestly, most of it is learned from experimenting and playing around on the portal. On Instagram a bunch of pages post directing help, a few I like to think have great advice are @/catthegirl, @/j.miley.stories, and even @epy.elegance posts a few every now and then :slight_smile:


I’ve been coding for a few months now, and let me tell you, advanced directing takes practice :sweat_smile:

I think I caught on pretty quickly, but it’s not super easy for everyone. I recommend reading/watching over guides and templates like Dara Amarie or Joseph Evans and practice (I did that for about two months beofre I started working on my now published story) -

And also, I’ve read Lost in New York by Nettie and pleaseee please don’t expect for that kind of directing to come simply and easily, Nettie’s probably been coding for a long time and knows what she’s doing, so you probably shouldn’t set your expectations so high at first, because truth be told, no one is that good when they start out :sweat_smile:

If you ever havee any questions though, feel free to PM me, as I use advanced directing and can try to help :blob_hearts:


I just realized that no one ever said what exactly is “advanced directing…”
:thinking: hmm

Thank you

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Ty Mira

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Well fast moving and size changing overlays, advanced movent, custom cc template like dara amarie has

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Ooh okay thanks
I think I can do a little bit then


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