Advanced directing and choices help?

Hi guys, I think I’ve asked this question before but I wanted to ask it again as I couldn’t find my old question, so here goes:

Do you guys have any tips on how to add choices thatare impactful to a story? Like what sorts of choices do you guys enjoy when on the app?

Also, in what sort of situations is advanced direction best used?

Thank you for this, help is much appreciated :slight_smile: xx

well what i would do is make choices were the readers think it has a big impact on the story but they actually come out the same! likee
or you free the prisoner and then she wil attack you
or you don’t free the prisoner and then she will brak out and attack you

if the reader chose the second one the would probably think the other choice would be better but if they chose the first one they would probably be the same

so yea something like that!

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Okay thanks, that’s deinitely something to think about, I’m just looking for ideas as I am entering the Adventurous contest but have been told my first chapter could do with some work,

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