Advanced Help On Story


Can someone help me with my story?
I am having trouble on LL with advanced choices.
I want to let the reade know they have an option to customive the character or not.
Can someone help me?
PM @epi.sqlty on Instgram if I don’t reply


what you want to do is let the character decide whether they want to customize their characters or not? correct me if I’m wrong!


You just have to use labels for the branching. For example:

You have the option to customize or not.
Would you like to customize your character?

“Yes” {
goto customization
} “No” {
goto after_customization

label customization
#put your customization script and everything here

label after_customization
#continue with the story here


That’s right


I wrote my story before adding customization’s and now that I’ve added the name selection I don’t know how to edit it to where it changes the original name I have. Any suggestions on what I can do so it adds the “new” name to my script?


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